The Do’s and Dont’s Explained in an aerial yoga hammock

Anti Gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga is the sport or a form of practice wherein he or she performs poses and inversions using a aerial yoga hammock or an aerial yoga swing. Ir could be suspended inside or outside your home or at the aerial yoga hammock session class which you attend. 

 This very art is becoming so popular and famous lately that many people are at risk of doing mistakes or even picking up bad habits or forms. It is very crucial to follow instructions and even more important to do it correctly to refrain from any unforeseen circumstances. So we have written a list of frequent mistakes we all tend to make while doing Flying Yoga!

1. Not Warming Up First

Not just for aerial yoga hammock but for all forms of aerial exercise, warming up properly before beginning your aerial workout is a must. You might feel that you can incorporate your aerial equipment into your warm-ups.

However, it’s always a good idea to do 5-10 minutes of light cardio and some dynamic stretching before you even touch your aerial yoga hammock swing. Warming up would make your muscles more elastic and reduce the chance of injuries or any unforeseen circumstances or even over-stretching.

2. Do not Expect A Regular Yoga class

What most people don’t realize is that aerial yoga or air yoga is something very different than the regular yoga session you have. Yes, some asanas might look similar, but in flying yoga, you will get a combination of acrobatics and yoga which is supported by a hammock.

We understand that acrobatics may sound daunting and scary, there is absolutely no need to worry. The combination of such an art form is a perfect blend and we are sure you would have a smile and sense of freshness at the end of your session. Just go with this flow, give it your best shot and thank us later.

3. Do Not Pick an aerial yoga Hammock Too Low or Too High For You

The aerial yoga hammock is the piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling or from the place you have installed it. Remember one thing very clearly, this hammock is going to be your best friend and confidante during the class.

If you are installing it yourself, then you just have to keep the height in mind and to save al the worry, simply buy from the best Yoga Swing Pro™. However, within the classroom, the hammocks may hang at slightly different heights, and if you choose one which is too high or low for you, the practice may get uncomfortable. Hence, it is best to choose the one that comes to your waist, between your pubic bone and your navel to have the best experience.

3. Do Not Wear Clothes That Do Not Work to Your Advantage

For aerial yoga hammock, small things can matter a lot and one of them is clothing. It is advisable to wear completely covered long pants as well as covered long sleeve shirts. It could even be shirts that will help the decompressions of the hammock under your armpits. Clothing that is very loose, for example, a tank top, may get tangled with the hammock. It may even end up exposing more than planned in inversions.

It’s also good to check that you are not wearing any distracting jewelry or clothes with zippers, as these may not work so well with the hammock. Hence, it is best yo wear something tight and easy going.

4. Do Not Eat Before the aerial yoga hammock Class

As with any kind or form of yoga practice, eating just before the class is not advised. Since there are more inversions in aerial yoga hammock or flying yoga than in a regular yoga class, it’s even more important to make sure you give yourself 1-2 hours to digest your food before a class. Because in the end, you’ll want to fling yourself upside down without having to worry about your stomach going upside down as well.

5. Do Not Assume Your Muscles Can Relax With a Hammock

It is possible that you might feel lazy since you have the support of the hammock and you leave it all up to the hammock. One of the lesser-known facts is that you will have to use your core muscles much more on a hammock, than when you do normal yoga on the ground.

With this unique exercise, all those supporting muscles, that fail to get noticed while doing normal yoga on the ground, get activated on a different level with Aerial yoga. Not only this but you also eventually build up strength in the arms from pulling yourself up onto the hammock.

6. Not Trusting The aerial yoga Hammock

Well, yes we agree it may be scary to be dangling in mid-air in challenging and ever-changing positions. However, this should not be your cause of concern because the hammocks are designed to hold a lot of weight as much as 1,000 pounds.

Just make sure only one person sits per aerial yoga hammock and with this no matter your size, you will not come tumbling down with the hammock or have nightmares of falling. In order to have a soulful experience, you need to trust the hammock and ease into it, blend with it and enjoy the weightlessness.

 7. Do Not Attempt Too Much Too Soon

Aerial activities and sports are addictive and highly motivating. As soon as you get one posture, you are always thinking to complete the other. Well, this is an absolutely good thing, but you must pace yourself.

Please ensure you work through your progress in stages and baby steps. Refrain from not rushing ahead to the more advanced stuff right away. Your muscles need to become conditioned to this practice and if you try too much too soon, you might risk pulling a muscle. Make sure you do not injure yourself in such a way that you end up taking a break from all exercise! So it is better to be patient, and remember that it’s better to perform a basic trick perfectly than a wobbly advanced trick!

8. Don’t Leave Your Silks Up

The best way to explain this is to think of your aerial yoga hammock silks like the curtains in your house, and what happens to curtains that are left hanging in the same position for a month? Well, they get dusty and grimy and dull in appearance, isn’t it?

 If you’re going to leave your silks unused for more than a couple of weeks, it’s a good idea to take them down for the time that they won’t be used. This will make sure dust does not settle in or unnecessary harm is not done.

Aerial yoga or Flying Yoga is a brilliant opportunity to try out something different, to experiment, to play and explore with your body as we all did as children. Try to approach each session with great curiosity and an inquisitive mind. After all, anti-gravity is playing with the laws of physics, and it encourages us to stay light-hearted and to simply have fun.