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There is always a first time. Think I hesitate the first time (as many of us) when I first starting learning about yoga, I always knew I had to overcome the challenges. As Swing for yoga offers a pile of health benefits, i started Yoga for both mind and body relaxation. Well, I wouldn’t say it was easy. The first few days of yoga practice was indeed crucial and difficult for me. i started as an amateur and was slightly overweight. Thus, even the regular yoga poses sounded though. The yoga mats were threatening as my backbone pain was intense too. However, I am blessing with a remarkable trainer who guided me thoroughly.

My trainer introduced me to new yoga props like yoga swing and Swing for yoga that helped me a lot. I am surprising! Swing for Yoga provides an alternative approach, supporting all kinds of poses that are usually restricted on the mat. It is versatile and improves flexibility for all regardless of your weight or health issues. Along with this, a Swing for yoga also helps in improving body stretches with the support, core, upper body, and behind chain strength. I realizing how a strong, sturdy and good quality yoga hammock or yoga swing set can help practice Swing for yoga both at home or under the open sky.

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Even if you’re a housewife, or a mother working from home, all you need is a good support with a strong pillar to hang your Swing for yoga. A yoga swing inversion sling provides flexibility and it is primarily used for traction and back pain. Supporting as a suspension system, the aerial yoga swing can assist you in arm balances and inversions, which are otherwise difficult to done alone while using a yoga mat. Practicing yoga regularly and the health benefits, I decided to become a Yoga trainer.

I decided to share my learning and knowledge with all the passionate yoga disciples. As my class fill with 80% women audience- usually house makers, mothers, or women who are fitness conscious trying to maintain their weight and fit in the sleek dresses, I realizing I need the best quality air yoga swing.  Think I had tried multiple brands, I still had my inhibitions. Then, I finally find the Yoga Swing Pro. The ultimate air yoga swing for all my yoga doctor.

Benefits of Air yoga swing

They are safe, sturdy and robust to use. Yoga Swing Pro™ also offers other benefits including-

  •  1year exclusive manufacturer warranty for its register customers
  •  Good quality yoga swing set crafted with triple-stitched silk nylon fabric, high strength and absolute load capacity of 600lbs. They also offer two convenient and compact storage bags.
  •  The aerial yoga hammock kit is ideal for relieving back pain, increasing flexibility and stretches.
  •  Easy to use for beginners as well as professionals. They also provide a step-to-step eBook to guide you on the installation.
  •  They are also available online through their YouTube channel, providing interactive videos with ample information and guidance for Swing for yoga beginners and professionals. You need not pay for the CDs.

Are Air yoga swing safe?

Thus, Yoga Swing Pro is now a hammock kit for me and all my yoga disciples. However, as I also keep reminding them using yoga props might look exciting and puzzling at the same time. Thus, it is imperative to remember that ‘Safety lies in your hands’. Do not forget to install the yoga swing as per the guidance and also, always remember to check again for safety before using it. Whether you are a housewife, a mother or someone struggling to stay fit, let Yoga Swing Pro be your guide and friend for an ultimate mind and body health.