Quick Insight Into Busting Some of the Most Common Myths About Anti gravity yoga

Anti gravity yoga, also referred to as Zero Gravity Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga is one of the new forms of yoga. It requires using a silky aerial hammock wherein one can explore Anti gravity yoga postures in a totally new way. You will find yourself hanging upside down and even float in the fabric for savasana. You may also find yourself doing flips and find challenging new dimensions in standing postures!

 The Anti gravity yoga is like a support for us, but it isn’t fix. This seems like our bodies are in a constant rush to maintain stability. The best part is that people of all sizes can enjoy this practice and it is very adaptable for injuries, however, make sure you consult the trainer first.

Believe it or not, this aerial swing yoga is a fun and playful practice that also allows for deep meditation – the feeling of being cocooned in the fabric can be very soothing and relaxing for the mind. Some of the most common misconceptions are list below. Make sure you get yourself acquainted with them before you fall into the trap.

1. You have to be very strong with Anti gravity yoga

At the most, you may need to strengthen specific parts of your body for able to perform particular moves. However, there are always lighter, gentler options and preparatory poses, asanas and sequences to gradually build stamina and overall strength.

Starting with beginners’ level or a foundational course would help you cope up with the bigger challenges ahead and most importantly, it will also tune in your body to the working of the hammock swing. Eventually, you would be fine.

Well, what most people do not know is that the air yoga hammock or Anti gravity yoga is less physically demanding than aerial skills because the hammock shape of the fabric can support your weight. One of the most neglected advantages is that it can eventually be a more accessible practice than the traditional floor-based yoga. Since you do not have to sit down on the floor for many of the moves, it has the potential to reduce the pressure on one’s knees, wrists and spine.

2. I’m extremely uncoordinated- what will others think of me

Well, it is imperative for you to join the beginner’s batch or take up a fundamental class. This will make you feel that everyone else is also new to Anti gravity yoga and would keep you on the same page as of them. At the initial stages, until your brain gets the hang of how to move in and out with the fabric – I think everyone feels a bit uncoordinated at times!

However, a good teacher can truly be a guiding light in this process of learning new movements. Also, having patience and faith in yourself can do wonders and get you far ahead in this process. In case you feel you are not ready for a movement with the hammock, convey it to your teacher and he or she would surely give you an alternative or reduce the pace. So, embrace the opportunity and challenge of learning something new and make sure you explore it a little beyond your comfort zone.

3. I am too old for flying yoga

There are classes and various platforms where Anti gravity yoga is attend by people who are in their seventies and even above. Yes, you heard that right!

Believe it or not, this is actually a fantastic form of practice for older yogis. You get to work on your core, stability, balance, plus carry out the weight-bearing exercise, which thereby helps in building bone density in a unique and supported way.

Of course, there are some movements and postures which one should refrain from doing depending on their current illnesses and medications. As long as your trainer is aware of them, you are good to go and trust me, there are plenty of alternative options.

4. It is a miracle weight loss easy technique tool

If you are under the presumption that doing Anti-Gravity yoga would make you shed those extra kilos then you are under a big misunderstanding. All the movements done here can be extremely helpful for your health and fitness and not just physical appearance.

Instead, I would rather advise you to focus the yoga hammock as a breathing space from all the pressure and negativity going around across the globe. For once, do not let advertisements dictate the terms of your definition of beauty and mainstream messages of how we should look. Use it as a safe space to nurture, grow and know yourself better. This Swing for yoga is nothing but a practice to explore who we are as a whole, multifaceted human being and not just be another aspect of toxic diet culture.

5. I am too huge and sure that the Anti gravity yoga won’t hold my weight

This is one of the most common thoughts anyone of us could have regarding Anti gravity yoga and believe me, it is false. The equipment and rigging used are strong enough to support until 500 kgs. There are also such instances wherein where you literally just lay in the fabric and there’s no need to worry, you are completely supported by it. However, it’s a fact, the fabric does give way more options and possibilities than the floor.

Also, equipment from Yoga Swing Pro™ can prove to be of the best quality and you would be super happy with it. Just like with injuries, if you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch with the trainer before class.

6. Anti gravity yoga is just another fad

Well, Aerial yoga certainly has its way around social media. Many of the poses are photogenic and even celebrities are seen practicing it. But, we truly believe adding this to your workout regimen is going to have perks that may not be outdate so easily. Yes, it is ultimately just another prop like a brick block or a chair or a rope wall.

Some of the most powerful benefits of Anti gravity yoga are opening up newer movement possibilities to people working with injuries and having different needs. The most heavenly part is that this gives everyone the opportunity to feel good in their bodies.

We are super passionate about the countless permutations and combinations of aerial yoga. We hope this article gives people who have been curious about this practice the confidence to give it a try!