Can I hang it on a tree?

Yes, one of the simplest ways to install aerial yoga swings on a tree branch. aerial yoga swing With this easy setup, you can set it up in just one minute. You simply hang the rope over and hook in exactly as we have demonstrated in our video on a bar

How quick/easy is it to install?

Super easy for us to install. We did not even buy the amount. But We bought 2 bigger, sturdy hooks and put it in the studs. So, My husband had it up within 5-10 minutes.

Are the handles removable?

Hi, No JUST PADDED HANDLES cannot be removed separately but you can remove the whole “inversion arm” by detaching carabiners from Daisy Chains (Extension Straps with loops). You can watch our “Installation Video” make yourself clearer about it or consider PDF e-book for more details.
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Does it come with a ceiling mount aerial yoga swing?

Because Our Hammock aerial yoga swing doesn’t contain suspension ceiling hooks or outdoor hanging hooks. And so hardware needs to be bought separately online or from any hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot etc.

Advantages of aerial yoga swing

Our Aerial Yoga Swing kit contains:
• aerial yoga swing Seat with Premium Grade Parachute Fabric.
• 4 Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Carabiners
• 2 Multi-Loop Daisy Chains.
• 6 Ergonomic Foam Padded Handles
• Free access to PDF eBook.
• Video for “Safety Check” & “Installation Help”.
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
• Easy Installation guide included in the package.

So, Please feel free to ask further questions from our Yoga Swing Pro® team, So, we are more than happy to assist you!

Is there a way to mount this in a doorway?

you can mount this anywhere you can sink 2 eye bolts into a structure that will support the weight. your door frame will not. The wall framing that holds the door frame in place.

So, we will make sure you get long enough bolts to reach to the wall frame. At least 4 in. long, 6 would be better. The narrowness of the door frame may limit your movements and the ability to do certain things with it.

Does this come with an installation manual aerial yoga swing?

Yes, Hanging & Mounting Instructions are included with each purchase. If by any chance they are missing or lost. you can watch our video or download free e-Book from our website for more details.

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Does this include everything needed to setup aerial yoga swing?

No hardware. But we bought 2 sturdy hooks and put them in the studs and it’s good to go.

Can you cocoon with this aerial yoga swing?

The Yoga trapeze size is 98″ x 59″, the fabric is wider. But not enough to cover an adult, maybe a kid can as my 7-year-old niece did though!

Can this be used for other things beside aerial yoga swing?

Absolutely, you can use it for multiple exercises like dips. TRX style and passive stretching all the way to hardcore working out. Even my kid uses it as a hot yoga swing 🙂

How hard was it to assemble Do I need power tools?

Not hard at all, we bought 2 hooks and put them in the studs in the ceiling. My hubby just screwed the hooks into the studs.

How durable is it? Do you offer spare parts when needed?

We use premium quality parachute nylon for our swing. Heavy-duty stainless steel for our carabiners, high-quality plastic for our fixtures and ergonomic foam padded handles. On top of that, we don’t leave you alone after the closure of the return window, instead. we offer an extended 1Year warranty in case of any issue with our product.

What kind of carabiners does this come with? Do they lock?

Hi, thank you for asking a question from Yoga Swing Pro®.

No, these are stainless steel clamping carabiners. We deliberately avoided locking carabiners because of locking carabiners. Usually have sharp edges and cause material damage like ripping, tangling to Yoga Swing Hammock. So, to minimize the safety risk factor we have picked non-locking premium quality. Larger carabiners and they work great with our Aerial Yoga Swing.

Let us know if you have any other questions Yoga Swing Pro® Team.

How far does it need to be from the ground. so I won't hit my head?

The Aerial Yoga Swing hangs 50 inches (125 cm) from carabiners to the yoga swing seat. When it comes to the seat height from the ground. (after installation) Then it varies from person to person depending on the individual’s height plus yoga poses that Yoga Swing wants to try on. Please allow a few extra inches during adjustments for your safety & always check/test height. (it is adjustable by changing Daisy Chains loops) before trying any hardcore exercise with yoga Swing.

Can this be moved easily? Or is it more of a permanent placement?

Yes, you can move the hammock yoga swing easily. it comes with a portable carry bag & could be hung on monkey bars or swing set in an open park without any hanging hooks.

Does this come with the hanging ropes with multiple loops. If I am not wrong they're called Daisy Chains

Yes, 2 Daisy Chains (50 Inches, 9 loops) are included. Our hot Yoga Swing Kit can hold up to 500 lbs. weight.

Can I separate handle straps from aerial yoga swing. which are interlinked through clips?

Hey, thanks for asking a question from Yoga Swing Pro®.

No, they are clamping carabiners and we deliberately avoided locking carabiners because locking carabiners. Usually have sharp edges and cause material damage like ripping, tangling. So, to minimize safety risk factor we have picked non-locking premium quality larger carabiners and they work great.

But, Please let us know if you have more questions. Happy aerial yoga swing.

Do I need to take some kind of training to learn. how to use a yoga aerial hammock?

aerial yoga swing

Necessarily not, if you are a newbie you can take some help from our PDF eBook or YouTube by searching “aerial yoga swing for beginners”.

Can this be hung without damaging my apartment ceiling? Like maybe somehow using a door frame?

What is the best aerial yoga hammock?

mount it on the ceiling, you will need eye bolts that will anchor into the ceiling studs. if you don’t get a stud, it will not hold, no matter what anchors you use. Measure out 16, 18 or 20 in depending on the construction, knock for hollow spaces, or buy a stud finder if you need it.

Aerial yoga swing Hi Can anyone please tell me about saddle. Or seat dimensions, where you put your Bum/butt?

Hi there!
Here is some helpful information regarding our Hammock Yoga Swing for you before making a purchase.

Benefits of aerial yoga swing

When Main Swing Seat Dimensions are: (L) 250cm x (W) 150cm. It’s the appropriate balance of width to length making its size than larger by 8 inches and 5 inches wider than a regular aerial yoga swing.

so, Handle Size Dimensions are at 1.25 inches making it 0.5 inches larger in diameter than other Antigravity Yoga Swings. But The hand feels the difference is remarkable.

Material: There are 2 types of swing fabric. YogaSwingPro™ chooses the Premium grade Nylon Parachute fabric resulting in a better feel. Mild stretch without a reduction in strength Since the fabric is slightly thicker as well.
Cheaper and less quality fabric often results in a “paper or crunchy” feel.

Because Included are 2 daisy chain multi-loop straps which are climber strength. But They are intentionally thicker and extra stitched for maximum weight-bearing load PER loop for added safety during any air yoga inversions.
So, Carabiner Tensile strength is at 200+ lbs. PER carabiner. Different carabiners have different strengths, this is something a purchaser should be aware of when looking to buy an aerial yoga swing hammock.

Thank you for asking YogaSwingPro™ I hope you find this helpful.

Does this kit comes with ceiling anchors. mounts & screws included to hang from ceiling?

NO, mounting accessories (suspension ceiling hooks) are NOT included. Because everyone’s hanging requirements are different according to the size & material of the ceiling, patio or walls. And some of you might like it to hang outside on a tree or hot yoga swing set.

I want to use it as a hot yoga swing on a tree. but For my son instead using it for Yoga' is the seat comfortable enough?

Hot yoga Most definitely comfortable.

I just placed an order. But was wondering about its durability and also. if you offer spare parts once it is needed. Thanks!

Best aerial yoga swing

So, It seems like it is quite durable. Unfortunately, I don’t know about the spare parts. We will have to get hold of the seller.

I was wondering what's the purpose. Those little rectangular clips closer to the top of the aerial yoga swing. Can I remove them to open up fabric more?

Aerial yoga swing

Those retractable plastic fixators on aerial yoga swing Seat. we are used to adjusting the wideness of the fabric of the handles. But if you are asking about the ones on handles, they are there for advanc level poses. where you just hold the fabric instead of handles and to move the handle on the side, you can use these little rectangles accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask from the Yoga Swing Pro® Team. 🙂

Please let us know if you have more questions