Quick Insight Into The Guidelines Aerial yoga swing set

You must have often people hear the Aerial yoga swing set makes you feel good. But what is exactly aerial yoga swing? While yoga encourages traction and decompression of the spine. It is possible due to various strength-building exercises, inversion poses, and swinging motions. And overall through a holistic traditional yoga framework. On the other hand, Aerial yoga swing set or Antigravity Yoga aims to achieve mental, physical and emotional relaxation through the aid of props. It comprises of a single inversion along with hip-opening stretches and gentle spinal exercises.

Anti Gravity Yoga or the yoga hammock is a powerful method through. which a body goes through a series of movements and some of which they are, gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips and connective tissues of the body. This technique focuses the mind via various powerful visualizations and the result is simply mindboggling.

This art form is extremely beneficial for all categories. It does not differentiate between students of Aerial yoga swing set from the inexperienced or the experienced category. I can say this with so much guarantee is because I have been practicing yoga for the past decade. However, I got introduced to aerial yoga last year itself and since then its been no looking back. I have realized the large potential benefits of combining. My knowledge of the principles of Aerial yoga swing set, with my profession. Physiotherapists’ knowledge of the spine, together with the use of aerial yoga hammocks as a tool to treat back pain.


After experiencing it and going through the process myself. I feel the biggest benefit I have seen within my teaching of aerial yoga classes, is the large reduction in symptoms of lower back pain and sciatica. The most frequent question my students ask me is why do they feel so relaxed and stress-free after my class. Well, this is the magic of Flying Yoga or simply the yoga hammock setup. One of the reasons being is that the traction and the perfect decompression the aerial yoga hammock provides for the spine.

While performing back extension poses, the pressure gets divided and shifted from the discs within the lumbar spine. Running towards the joint space and eventually allowing dehydration of these discs. Due to this increased joint space and the ultimate hydration of the discs. My students were able to gain much more flexibility, and most importantly, resulting in pain relief.


An ignored fact that I have learned from studying physiology, is that back pains do not always arise from the discs and spine. But, we fail to realist is that it can originate from something as simple as a bad posture and prolonged sitting in front of the desktop throughout the day.

Due to these minute ill lifestyle habits, the consequences of these irresponsible postures are tight hip flexors. This tends to increase the anterior pelvic tilt and thereby reduce the ability to perform a pain-free backbend. Please ensure you practice a series of hip flexor stretching exercises. That, I often encourage throughout. My aerial yoga swing set or yoga in air class which really help to allow you to move more freely and be more upright.


Well, a common mistake is that an aerial yoga swing class or an anti-gravity yoga session is not just for those individuals. who have a tough time with their back pain or have tight hip flexors, it is for everyone and anyone. Yes, you heard that right!. Just like you use props within a typical traditional yoga class. The use of the aerial yoga hammock or the aerial yoga swing set, as a prop, can provide you with those deeper stretches, nicer twists and fulfilled openings, with the help of a gentle inversion.

These classes would focus on your breath awareness, soulfulness, Ramayana, and mindfulness. As well as full relaxation and restoration of the mind and body. Do not forget to finish with a beautiful relaxing savanna practice inside the hammock. Believe it or not, this would melt you into the fabric and bliss you in the finest way and you would never be so happy as in your own little cocoon.


As per my experience and knowledge, it is sort of inaccurate to think of AntiGravity Yoga as a workout regime. Honestly, it feels the vibes of a spa treatment. Imagine yourself having a weightless feeling just like those that is comparable to floating in the water. And many of the movements both stretch and massage sore, tight muscles. The feeling of calm comes easily, preparing the body for deep sleep. It’s not unheard of to hear people snoring in their Aerial yoga swing set.

 Aerial yoga swing set makes you feel good, in fact, not just ‘good’ but very very good. After expanding your thoracic, putting your heart and soul to it. Opening your heart, extending through the lumbar spine, extending your hands more each time, stretching through the hips and the rest of the body you will definitely leave the class feeling relaxed and refreshed. You would be ready to take on the day with a beam of joy. Well, I dare you to give it a try!