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If fitness and obesity is your current concern, then you are just in the right place at the right time Yoga Swing Set. Being a foodie and constantly counting calories is a pain only a few can get! Even if it is your busy schedule or some medical issues. That is compelling you to refrain from attaining your daily activity goals, worry not, because you are just at the right place.

Being physically and mentally fit is a necessity for a happy but healthy life. While your busy schedule makes it difficult for you to hit the gym. so, Taking some time off for a breath of fresh air can never be disappointing! This is exactly where Yoga Swing Pro® comes to your rescue. A shot at Aerial Yoga can never fail to impress. Now let us have an insight into this Yoga Swing Set.

Creative design with the finest fabric uplifts you & holds your posture still. The Yoga Swing set will aid, in gliding through your poses smoothly. You’re a beginner or a PRO, zero but gravity Yoga will never fail you. On one hand, it helps your flexibility, balance and core strength. On another hand, our Yoga Swing Set relieves back-aches, muscle sprains. So, acts as a proven remedy for spinal decompression and traction.

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yoga swing
yoga swing

Installation guidance

Yoga Swing set comes with an easy installation inside your home or even outside in your lawn. The E-book and the demo video provided with the Yoga Swing Set are always there to help. However, The versatility of installation indeed comes as a bonus. So you can watch the video to make your installation experience easy.

Safety and Security

Built from superior quality metal, the carabiners are made to last. So, Parachute material has been used to design the yoga swing set, that rules out any possibility of wear & tear. The ergonomic padded handles ensure a firm grip. And the 50 inches extension strap with industrial-grade triple stitching can bear up to 800lbs.

Physical Therapy

Along with the satisfaction of unmatched aerial moves, this ultimate Aerial Yoga Kit from Yoga Swing Pro®. It will also help in improving flexibility, stretch-ability, and mobility. This practice can also relieve your back pain from long hours of sitting with its unique feature of spinal traction and decompression.


Unique Features


Most natural form of Inversion Therapy, helping in relieving chronic backaches by spinal traction.


Sends fresh Oxygen to the brain from getting upside down, helping you remain enthusiastic for the rest of the day.


Supports and assists the body in deeper bends and postures that are normally inaccessible.

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
Real Results.


  • Beginner-Friendly 
    If you’re looking for the perfect time to kick-start your journey on Aerial Yoga, you’re mistaken. With the added support of the Hammock, practitioners can experiment with various posture and alignments with our best Yoga Swing Pro® Swing Set.
  • Enhances Flexibility
    With the help of the silky Yoga Hammock, practitioners are free from the traditional Yoga mat restrictions, giving them the opportunity to refine and improve their alignment and ultimately leading to improved flexibility.
  • Challenges Mental Capacity 
    Practicing in the silk Yoga Swing adds a level of elegant complexity as well as unique assistance to simple postures. Eventually, as you learn how to move your body through each pose, it helps in improving mental focus and patience.
  • Increases Pulling Strength
    Probably the most interesting because this act of “pulling,” isn’t found in the traditional Yoga practice and the best part is that it keeps your shoulders balanced and healthy in both pulling and pressing.
  • Relieves Compression
    One of the biggest benefits of hanging in the Yoga Hammock during poses like downward-facing dog or back-bends is the relief on the spine. The spinal traction that you would experience is an amazing addition to add to your list.

Ergonomic padded Handles

Unlike other brands, our professional-grade big size handles ensure a firm grip. And so, prevent hand pains with its soft, durable and ergonomic padding.

Heavy-duty carabiners

Safety is our top priority that’s why our yoga swing set comes with stainless-steel carabiners witch go. But, Through extensive load testing to ensure reliability under extreme tension.

Multi-loop daisy chains

The 2*50 inches daisy chain (extension straps) comes with separate pouch bag & are stitched with industrial grade machines and load tested up to 500bs.

Why Yoga Swing Pro

Popular Features of Yoga Swing Set

  • The installation video & PDF guide provided along with that as the perfect guide in the easy and quick set up of the Yoga Swing set.
  • Not only this, the design specially curated for yogis and has a professional touch to it, making the entire experience seamless. 
  • One year’s exclusive warranty speaks volumes about its quality and the fact that it is the customer’s favourite risk-free purchase. 
  • The premium material, heavy-duty multi-loop and the triply sully incorporated, not only ensure one’s safety but also enhances the overall comfort as well. 
  • The Yoga package is available in Two Sets of Colors: Black and Blue giving customers the freedom of colour choice as well.

Strength Training

With deeper stretches and balance high up in the air, you are sure to raise your points in core strength and upper body muscle strength.


Gliding through your postures in air and getting into normally inaccessible deeper bends will add bonus points to your mobility.

Weight Loss

Yoga swing set aims at your metabolism power and sets your body to the maximum level of burning calories, making weight loss easier.

Client Testimonials

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Loving my purchase. Impressive, on-time delivery with clear assembling instructions. Strong and safe material that is providing an excellent experience. But, I have looked up for some poses from different places and surprisingly.

My backache has started decreasing. so, It is very compact and easy to disassemble and put away. I am loving my new age yoga swing set. Thank YouYoga Swing Pro® for creating this awesome inversion tool and it saved me a lot of money from Back Therapy visits. PS: I learned everything from Youtube.

Lynette Flohr

I have had 4 kids in the last 7 years and therefore weight gain, weak pelvic muscles, and body aches. Were problems that were extremely difficult to get rid of. It is then when I came across this revolutionary idea of the yoga swing set.

So, I have a small space in my garage which was perfectly suitable to put this up. This kit comes with a demo installation video that makes it even easier. Initially. but once I tried it for the first time. I could feel an instant reduction in my body aches. Believe me, it will not disappoint you.

Tracy Young

I have a herniated disc and this Yoga Swing has definitely come to my rescue. It is cheap, effective, easy to use and most importantly. it can be performed at home. I had back pain for the last 10 years, sometimes so bad that. But, I could not even get out of bed.

Thanks to this Aerial Yoga Kit, every time. I am done with exercising on it. So, I can feel my backache reduce. But, I am still not being able to get over this wonder purchase. All thanks toYoga Swing Pro®for making such a beautiful product that is loved from every perspective

Alex Myer

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