Do it Yourself (YogaHammock DIY) Step-by-Step Guide

Aerial YogaHammock or the yoga swing pro is nothing but a unique modern variation of the traditional yoga practices. Instead of a yoga mat, the Yoga swing or the acro yoga uses hammocks or silks to support yogis in the midair. Hence, in midair, they try to execute a range of postures and different asanas.

The yoga yoga has been accepted as a therapeutic science all over the world and many scientific studies have been conducted in this field. Hence, yoga as well as it’s evolving phenomenon like the aerial yoga has been extremely emphasized upon.

If you wish to try the yoga swing inversion sling, first try contacting the local studios or classes around you. However, do not get upset if you cannot find one or you are unable to go to any class. You can also start the swing. yoga practice at home itself with the help of a yoga suspension system. Yes, you heard that right! You can make your own hammock yoga with ready-made yoga silk, relevant hardware, or with a comparable fabric of equal stability.

So, let’s dive into the process right away;

Making the YogaHammock Sling

Step 1

Select nylon or a polyester fabric that exceeds your body weight or the person who would be using it. Do not compromise here and order only from a reliable fabric vendor or from the best company that specializes in fabrics for acrobatics or yoga aerial hammocks. Also, if you are a newbie at it, try opting for a nonstretchy fabric.

Step 2

Now cut the fabric into a single strip of approximately 60 to 180 inches wide. TThesemeasurements may vary depending on how wide you want the aerial yoga swing hammock. If you are still confused, the best way to determine the length of the fabric is by doubling the height of your ceiling. Simple, isn’t it?

Step 3

Now the most important part is sewing. All you have to do is sew the strip into a loop using a high-strength thread. Do not try to use the normal threads that we use on a daily basis. Because the high-end threads are designed to bear the weight well even above your own body weight. You can even use a sewing machine if manually difficult. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a qualified person or friend if you are not very experienced at sewing. Once this is done, now tie the strip into a very strong knot. Do not try to sew this part also. Only tie it.

YogaHammock Making the Brace

Step 1

The most crucial aspect is selecting a location for your home swing or the aerial hammock along an exposed I-beam. Now try to use the square of a carpet or a thick fabric to wrap around the exposed I-beam. You might think this step is unnecessary and have the urge to skip this but this is done to protect the fabric from any sharp edges. If you are not very confident, you can always consult with a contractor or a building professional or even an experienced friend to verify the strength of the ceiling beam. Do not try to jump into answers. Take your time, do well research of the house, and then find the spot for your hanging yoga swing.

Step 2

Once, the location is selected, now wrap a polyester sling of the high-strength fabric around the carpet-wrapped I-beam. Make sure the fabric is a non-stretchy sling that is large enough to wrap around the beam without any tension. Also, remember that the fabric should have the form of a loop. Now, pass one end of the loop through the other carefully. This will enable the yoga swing frame to hang securely from the beam with a looped end hanging downward.

 Step 3

This is the last and the easiest step of all. All you have to do is hook a high-strength, locking carabiner to the hanging loop of polyester yoga inversion sling. Now carefully thread the YogaHammock through the carabiner and lock it securely. This is the time to test the doorway yoga bar or the yoga doorway swing by keeping your feet on the ground and slowly leaning into it with your weight. Do not get excited and hang upside down on the workout-swing Once you have tested it, then you can put your eight and try the different poses that you wish to.

There are many circumstances wherein a man has become sick and medical science hasn’t been able to meet all the challenges related to it. However, yoga and the aerial swing have been helping people for decades, and we should not forget what yoga swing really stands for.

 Well, behind every sick man, there is a spiritual man. And behind every diabetic, there is a yogi. Behind every man suffering from depression, there is an aspirant. All we do is treat our sickness and stop right there. However, try entering further into the spiritual domain of life. Because in the end, you should not merely feel freedom from disease but freedom from bondage and from the vagaries of the mind overall.

Now, the time has come to incorporate yoga or the yoga swing into our lives and transmit it’s the true spirit to one and all. Even if you do not have aerial yoga swing classes near you, this shouldn’t stop you. With this article, we hope we have empowered and motivated you to practice hanging yoga for your own well being.